Nature Playcare - Summer Camp Edition!

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Nature Playcare - Summer Camp Edition!

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Is Nature Playcare the right fit for my/our child? The age groupings for Nature Playcare are 3-4 years old (a.m.) and 4-5 years old (p.m.). Please register your child within the correct age range. We require that each child is able to communicate a need to go to the bathroom. Please contact if you have any questions about clothing or other requirements.

Parents will receive a detailed information package in advance of the program outlining the following information:

  • Program guidelines

  • Information on risky play

  • How we approach weather and illness

  • Recommended Clothing and Supplies

  • Washroom access

  • Emergency Procedures and First Aid

  • Location

Location: Gabriel Dumont Park

Please Note: Full registration requires our receipt of payment, health information and completed waiver forms. Facilitators require advance notice of each participant’s health information in order to adequately prepare for the session. Families who do not disclose pertinent health and learning considerations (e.g. illness requiring additional care, life threatening allergies, learning disabilities, etc.) before the program start date will not be permitted to participate and no refund will be provided. Additionally, participants whose age falls outside of the program’s age range will not be permitted to participate and no refund will be provide.