Nature Playcare - Spring camp edition!

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Nature Playcare - Spring camp edition!

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Nature Playcare provides young children with an opportunity to immerse themselves in play-based learning in a natural environment. The spring camp features four facilitated 1/2 day experiences in either the morning or afternoon over the spring break. Nature Playcare promotes respect for our natural environment and a sense of well-being in nature. Parents can expect an age-appropriate nature experience, which is designed to foster the
development of each child's resiliency, confidence, creativity,
imagination, and independence.

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Is Nature Playcare the right fit for my/our child? The age groupings for Nature Playcare are 3-4 years old (a.m.) and 4-5 years old (p.m.). We also suggest that each child is able to communicate a need to go to the bathroom. Please contact if you have any questions about clothing or other requirements.

Parents will receive a detailed information package in advance of the program outlining the following information:

  • Program guidelines

  • Information on risky play

  • How we approach weather and illness

  • Recommended Clothing and Supplies

  • Washroom access

  • Emergency Procedures and First Aid

  • Location

Location: Gabriel Dumont Park