Fleeting Fall

This piece re-printed with permission from our friends at Vacationland News.


The icy morning crunch of puddle-bubbles underfoot. The strange sensation of wearing socks all day. Each yearly hemispherical tilt away from the sun allows our senses to discover these ‘fall feels’ anew.

A friend from Australia once commented, “You guys really embrace the seasons here, don’t you? I mean, all of a sudden everyone is wearing a scarf and cords.” His simple observation clarified how much our regional culture is shaped by our geographical location.

Whether we opt to add more warmth through long johns or poofy vests, our skill at layering up is a regional expression of our northern location. Even though the collective shift to cover bare arms and toes is something we’re used to taking part in, it’s understandable how a mass wardrobe rotation could appear as a culturally coordinated event.

As children, many of us learned that the space in our dresser drawers came at a premium. There simply wasn’t room for capris and wool tights, sun dresses and cable knit sweaters. We learned to pack up the outgoing clothes and excitedly unpack our cozy warm garments in anticipation of the winter ahead. It’s true, autumn can find us smugly overdressed in luxurious layers on a golden autumn day, but humour us. Grant us this fleeting seasonal joy before the parka effect kicks in!