Calling all Grandparents

Nature Grandparenting

Through time and mentorship grandparents are able to contribute to their grandchild's learning and development in ways that parents have limited capacity for. Jana Miller, of researched intergenerational environmental learning in her masters thesis. Her writing in the Nature Grandparenting blog is an educational resource tailored for grandparents.  

The Nature Grandparenting blog is designed to provide grandparents with ideas, practical information and a supportive community to integrate nature connection in their grandparenting practice.

There is an army of messages in the media telling us to buy a more beautiful life. It can wear at our resolve to spend energy on what we actually believe in. Let the message of this space encourage you to strengthen relationships with your grandchild and the natural world. 

Thank-you for taking your grandkids outside—for being present and sharing your playful, curious self with them.