Creating Wildernook

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“What type of work would you do if money were no object?” As a teacher, I’ve asked this question of my students, but never fully clarified what I'd put my energy into if money were no object. Perhaps that's because I've been ultra-fortunate to work with remarkable students and teachers plus be the outdoor experiential educator I dreamed of when I entered the teaching profession. But, like many in the field, I've struggled to maintain wellness and the workload. The passion that once danced beneath my ribs has stopped for a rest. 

The birth of our son and the time I've taken off teaching to spend with him have been an incredible gift-- he renews in me a love for experiencing life. He teaches me to be present, to be humble, and to toss out all the 'shoulds' camped out in my pockets. My version of if money were no object doesn't exist on a job board. Join me as I recalibrate my journey and engineer my own job description.

Joanna Macy’s concept of active hope energized the creation of Wildernook: “Hope is not something you have. It’s something you do. It’s a verb.”  Thank-you Joanna for helping me ditch inertia and dig into the everyday work of reconnecting relationships. I never imagined it would be online! Thank-you for listening and learning with Wildernook.